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Ways to Reduce your Risk of Miscarriage

By 24 de July de 2018Uncategorized

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Miscarriages are precarious and can happen to any woman. However, losing your baby before he/she is born can be very frustrating. In most cases, miscarriages are as a result of unpreventable genetic abnormalities. However, there are a number of things that you can do to reduce the risk of having a miscarriage.

  1. Prioritize your health – Always ensure that you take balanced diet meals throughout the pregnancy by incorporating loads of fruits and vegetables to boost your vitamin intake. Be honest enough with your doctor to request for STDs screening if you feel like you are at any risk. Gonorrhea, Herps, Syphilis and other STIs increases chances of miscarriage and also puts your unborn baby at greater risk health wise.
  2. Exercise moderately – Exercising during pregnancy is very paramount. Studies have shown that women that exercise during pregnancy tend to have healthy and fewer complications while pregnant and have more natural births. however, you should try to avoid high impact exercises and contact sports as this might put you at a great risk of having a miscarriage.
  3. Reduce your coffee intakes – Recent studies have shown that pregnant women with huge coffee intakes are usually at higher risk of having a miscarriage. A cup of coffee should be enough for the day.
  4. Avoid stress – Ensure to stay calm by avoiding any stressful situations. Meditate, pray or do anything that helps you to relax. Being stressed greatly puts you at higher risks of having a miscarriage.
  5. Quit smoking, taking alcohol or any other drugs – Your doctor will probably warn you against such behaviors because they put your baby’s health at risk while still increasing your chances of miscarrying.
  6. Don’t take any medication without the approval from your doctor – You might have been under certain medication before conception. After getting pregnant, you have to be super careful as the drugs might be harmful to your baby. Consult with your doctor before getting under any medication.
  7. Monitor your weight – Being overweight has a double effect to any pregnant woman. It makes conception difficult and if you are lucky enough to conceive, you will be at a higher risk of having a miscarriage. Overweight women also tend to experience complications during delivery. Watch your diet! exercise, join a weight loss club if you have to, you cannot afford to be overweight while pregnant.


Other factors that put your baby at risk include hormonal imbalance, immunological disorders and fibroids. It is paramount that you see your doctor in case you experience any abnormality. This will help to detect any problem at an early stage and establish the necessary treatments. For instance, a checkup will establish if you have a negative blood group that will prompt for an Anti-D injection to ensure you have healthy babies in the future.