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The ultimate guide to conceive a child

By 24 de July de 2018Uncategorized

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You have been taught your whole life how to avoid pregnancy but now you want to get pregnant, so you need to have full information about it. Finding out that you are pregnant is a very exciting time. If you have been trying to conceive but failed, there might be something you’re doing wrong. Below are some tips to help you conceive the baby you have always wanted in the shortest time possible.


A very important aspect when you are trying to get pregnant is to know when you are fertile. Men are fertile for most of their life, but women are only fertile for a few days each month. It is important to be able to calculate which days of the month you are fertile. Those days are your ovulation dates. Your ovary will release an egg which will be viable for about two to three days. If you know when your ovulation is, you and your partner can plan intercourse on and around that date in order to maximize your chances of conceiving.

Lifestyle change

Changing your lifestyle can also be helpful when you are trying to conceive a baby. Getting pregnant and smoking is obviously not a good combination. Other healthy choices you can make are to stop drinking alcohol and other unhealthy drinks and start eating healthy foods. Another tip is to take prenatal supplements in order to avoid a miscarriage when you get pregnant.

Regular intercourse

Another crucial factor when you are planning to get pregnant is to have regular intercourse. I know you think this is obvious, but can you believe some people who want to have children are not having sex regularly? If you seriously want to get pregnant having regular intercourse is very important. Not only does it improve your chances to conceive, but it also helps the sperm of the man to be fresh and viable.


Research had indicated that women who are anxious about getting pregnant conceive less often than women who are patient. The ability to get pregnant has a lot to do with hormones and stress levels. Anxiety can impact both of these adversely. It can play a vital role in making you infertile or unable to conceive. As such, getting pregnant will be possible if you avoid stress and depression.


If you want to get positive results while trying to get pregnant, you need to stay fit by getting adequate exercise. Exercises help with hormonal balance. These tips will help you overcome the disappointment of trying to conceive without results.